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Some industrial mineral occurrences in the North-central geopolitical region have been selected for study in this project. The selected industrial minerals comprise Kaolinitic clay, Bentonitic clay, Barite, Marble, Talc, Asbestos, Mica, and Feldspar. The geological covers in the North-central region are made up of igneous and metamorphic rocks (Basement Complex) and sedimentary rocks (Bida Basin in Niger, Kogi, Kwara, FCT; Middle Benue in Nasarawa and Plateau; Northern Anambra in Benue and Kogi). Industrial mineral deposits of economic to sub-economic quantities are associated with the different geological components of the 6 States in the region. The study will map surface and stratigraphic exposures of the selected industrial minerals to decipher their modes of occurrence and lateral extents in the geological terrains of the North-central region. It will thereafter conduct detailed geochemical analyses on samples collected as a basis for characterization of the minerals as raw materials for different industries. Selected occurrences, after characterization, shall proceed further to beneficiation for value addition to meet specifications. Finally, the minerals shall be moved to pilot stage designs and applications in partnership with end-user industries and investors. The results from this project are expected to lead to revival of solid mineral mining and establishment of mineral-based industries (Cosmetics, Cement, Battery, Paint, Ceramic, Pharmaceutical, Building/Construction materials, etc) and concomitant wealth creation, employment generation, poverty reduction and women and youth empowerment in sustainable physical environments in the North-central geopolitical region.