Bursary IBBUL

About bursary

The Bursary performs the financial and accounting functions of the University. It is headed by the University Bursar who is the Chief Financial Officer of the University and is responsible for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial matters of the University.
The Office of the Bursar is the central office of Bursary as well as the Coordinating Unit for all financial matters from other organs of the University. The Bursar’s office is located on the 2nd floor of the University Hall Building.

The Bursar is the Chief Finance Officer of the University and Coordinator of all activities of the Directorates, Divisions and Sections in the Bursary. The Bursar as the custodian of financial regulations of the University ensures compliance with such rules by all stakeholders and also offers advice on financial issues to the appropriate authorities. The Directors who are heads of the Directorates are responsible to the Bursar for the running of their Directorates and give progress reports of their activities on regular basis. The directorates are as follows :

  • Directorate of Budget, Planning, Control and Staff Matters
  • Directorate of Final Accounts
  • Directorate of Treasury


Mission & Vision of Bursary

The Vision of the Bursary is :
To create a proactive and first rate ICT driven Finance Department posed to ensure that the University ranks among the best in the country.

The Mission of the Bursary is :

To guarantee the University and its stakeholders the most efficient and effective way of resources mobilization, allocation and management using appropriate information technology through the provision of excellent services.

Objectives of the Bursary

  • Overall control of the Institution’s financial resources;
  • Guidance to all departments in all financial matters, particularly as regards the preparation and monitoring of their budgets;
  • The institution’s accounting, reporting and internal control procedures;
  • Maintaining the financial information system;
  • Administering the pay-roll, loan and pension schemes;
  • Arranging adequate insurance cover for the University’s assets
  • Ensuring that surplus funds are invested and managed prudently.


Directorate of Budget & Finance

This directorate handles the budget and financial issues of the University.

Directorate of Operations and Sys. Admin

This directorate assists the bursar in the day to day adminstration of the bursary and supervises bursary core operations.

Directorate of Investment & Supplies

The Directorate of Investment & Supplies handles matters relating to University Investment Portfolio management, Endowment Funds, Project management and general university Supplies and stores.