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Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability, York University, represented by its chair holder Professor Charles Hopkins, 19 Grenadier Heights in Toronto, Canada M6S2W5

In the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Education 2030, the UNESCO Project Chair, represented by its chair holder, Professor Charles Hopkins, and IBB University will collaborate in order to generate academic research into how schools and formal education systems could change to better meet local education needs of the Indigenous and marginalized youth in traditional communities and to develop recommendations to assist education leaders worldwide to promote change. In this context, the Project Chair and have proposed a Memorandum of Cooperation to define the modalities of the cooperation as well as to create synergies, to enhance impact and to be more effective together.

The Cooperation foresees that the Project Chair and IBB University commit to cooperate in the Project for 4 years, 2017 until 2020. The Project Chair and the IBB University agree to follow three main objectives in the Project:

1) To develop local approaches to improving the education of the school age youth.
2) to improve the overall quality of community well-being as defined by the community itself.
3) to disseminate the research findings to assist and guide other ministries of education and school systems in their attempts to meet their responsibilities and targets within Education 2030. Further objectives may be determined by the partner sites.

As a mutual basis for understanding, the Project Chair will regularly provide updates on the Project description and the current status of the Project in all regions. IBBUL will identify areas of student exploration of locally relevant sustainability issues to deliver the core knowledge, skills and values that will improve the well-being of the students and their community. In doing this, IBBUL aims at creating a regional network with local school or other relevant institutions that will carry out the action-oriented research approach. IBBUL will be responsible for tracking and documenting the results and findings in cooperation with the local sites involved in the Project. IBBUL will commit to support the Project Chair to organize and hold regional meetings in the course of the Project. The Project Chair will create a Project platform to foster a self-organized local and regional research networks and to support sharing gained knowledge.

The Partners will jointly strengthen relationships to relevant government institutions and other relevant institutions. They will distribute news about their work via their websites, social media and other networks or distribution lists. Both parties commit to actively mobilise the best possible and diverse expert community and public audience. The Project Chair assumes budgetary and financial responsibility for basic organizational structures of the Project. IBBU assumes budgetary and financial responsibility for her specific research and local network cooperation. The Project Chair will assist the IBBUL to acquire further funds to facilitate the project.