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The University regularly enjoyed the TETFund institutional grants of N2 million per project and several research projects have been completed or ongoing. Listed below are some of the several completed and ongoing projects. These are monitored and documented by CASTER.


  1. Batch I 2014
 S/N Project Title/Topic Lead Researcher
1 Studies of Mycotoxins in Food Crops from Niger State and the Antibiotic Potential of Isolates Prof. T. A. Gbodi

Department of Biochemistry

2 Insect Pest Management on Water Melon (Citrulus Lanatus L.) in Niger State of Nigeria. Prof. M.O. Ogunlana

Faculty of Agriculture

3  Petro-Geochemical Assessment of Some Nigeria Coal Resources for the Production of Smokeless Fuel Prof. Nuhu G. Obaje

Department of Geology & Mining

4 Pilot Study of Nymphaea Lotus as a Potential Source of Renewable Energy (Biogas) Mrs Naomi John Dadi Mamud

Department of Biology

5 Formulation of Mass Production of Trichoderma Species for the Management of Plant Pathogenic fungi for Sustainable vegetable Production in Niger State Dr. N. Kumar

Faculty of Agriculture

6 Sheif- Life Prediction and Modelling Growth of Lactococcus lactis and Listeria monocytogenes in Pure Mixed Products. T. Vincent Balogun

Department of Microbiology

7 Fish Composition and some Aspect of Physic-Chemical Parametres of Lapai-Agaie Reservoir, Niger State Ibrahim Baba Usman

Department of Biology


  1. Batch II 2015
S/N Research Title/Topic (s) Lead Researcher
1 Mining Environment and the Impact of Livelihood and Food Security in Niger State Mr. Umar M. Umar

Department of Geology & Mining

2 An Economic Analysis of Rice Marketing for Food Security in Niger State: A Gender-Based Analysis Dr.(Mrs) Eniola O. Olorunsanya

Faculty of Agriculture

3 Subaqueous Facies and Traverse Ecology of Baro- Warri Way Prof. Nuhu G. Obaje

Department of Geology & Mining

4 Technology in Language Teaching: Investigation of Strategies and Impact of Strategies on Academic Performance in Niger State Public and Secondary School Prof. Samuel Kolo Tswanya

Faculty of Languages

5 Breeding and Artificial Hybridization of African Fresh Water Catfish(Clarias Griepinus and Heterobranchus Longfilis) in Kan Indoor Recirclatory Hatchery  Dr. Ibrahim Baba Usman

Department of Biology

6 Development  and Pilot Scale production of Nutrient Fortified Instant Pounded Yam Powder Prof. Dennis O. Balogu

Department of Food Science

7 Enhancing the Nutritional Quality of Corn Mill Waste           ( CHAFF) With Microbial Protein as Economic Alternative for Poultry FEED Dr. Vincent Balogu

Department of Microbiology

8 Mathematical Modelling  Numerical Simulation of Transportation of Wood – Logs Police Development Dr. Galadima James Ibrahim

Department of Mathematics

9 Assessment of Cost-Sharing Option for Improved and Sustainable Solid Waste Management Services in Niger State Dr. Lawal Alimi F.

Department of Agric Econs

10 Impact of Climate Change on Sources of Domestic Water Supply and Demand Quality in Niger State Dr. Ibrahim Samuel Ibbi

Department of Geography

11 Extraction of Starch and Synthesis of Acetyl  Derivatives Using Cost Effective and Readily  Available Materials for Industrial Applications Dr. Aliyu Paiko

Department of Biochemistry

12 Power and Resistance in Contemporary Nigeria Literature Prof. Sule E. Egya

Faculty of Languages

13 Process Development , Production  and Evaluation of Egg Product as suitable Ingredients for Industrial Utilization Ikegwu Theophilus M.

Department of Food Science


Batch III 2015

S/N Project Title and Department of Principal Researcher
1. Process Development and Optimization of Cashew Apple Juice Processing in Northern Nigeria for economic development. Dennis O. Balobu, T.M. Ikegwu, Vincent Balogu,G.I. Okafor (Department of Food Science and Technology).
2. Development of Mining Education Curricular for Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. Nuhu G.Obaje and M. Tajordeen Mustapha (Department of Geology & Mining)
3. Growth Performance of Hybrid Hetero Clarias Fed with Diet Babanbara Nut. Ibrahim B. Usman, D.O. Balogu, Isa M. Chado and others (Biological Sciences).
4. Assessment of probiotics for prevention and mat of diabetes mellitus and associated complications using animal models (albino rats).T. Vincent Balogu, Hadiza G. Ibrahim, D.O. Balogu and T.M. Ikegwu (Department of Microbiology)
5. Performance of water melon as influenced by varieties and poultry  manure application at Mokwa and Lapai, Southern Guinea Savannah of Niger State. Abdulmalik,S.Yusuf, M.O.Ogulana,and Mathew K.Isah (Department of Crop Production)
6. Development and processing of nutritious beverages from mango fruit (m. indica)and Tiger nut (c. Esculentus) in North Nigeria to enhance national food security. T.M. Ikegwu,D.O. Balogu,G.I. Okafor,T. Vincent Balogu, Esther Omah,and Babatunde Jubril (Food Science &Technology)
7. Fruit fly of economic importance in the production of fruit and vegetable crops in Niger State of Nigeria. Danjuma Solomon, M.O. Ogulana and M. Chori (Department of Crop Production)
8. Performance of exra-early drought tolerance maize at Mokwa and Lapai, South Guinea Savannah of Niger State. Mathew K. Isah and Suleiman Y. Abdulmaliq (Department of Crop Production)
9. Promoting Scientific and Technological Discourse in indigenous languages for manpower, productivity and economic transformation in Nigeria. Margaret M. Agu, Joshua Usman and Lynda Jummai Mustafa (Department of English)
10. Antioxidant constituents and activity of the lieaf of Telfairia occidentalis (fluted pumpkin as influenced by nitrogen fertilizer. Amanabo Musa, Abduljelili Uthman and Muhammad U.Tybo (Department of Biochemistry)
11. Action Research to Develop Multi-Lingual Literacy curriculum. Rosemary O. Igbo,  M.O.Ojuola, A. Olojede, M. Olajide and Adebiyi Adelakun (Department of Continuing Education & Community Development)
12. Development and validation of stakeholders institutional quality assurance framework for tracking educational processes and outcomes in IBB University, Lapai, Nigeria. M. Tajordeen Mustapha (Science Education)
13. An inquiry into the State of language education and translation studies in Nigeria State (The situation of English, French, Arabic and the major Languages of Niger State). Amos A. Iheanacho, M. N Agu, A. M. Jamiu, and others (Department of French)
14. Enhancing the nutrition and biochemical status of Broiler chickess and African (Clarias gariepinus) fed supplementary diets of Brown seaweed meal (mixture of sargassumnans and sargassumfluitans. Aliyu Paiko, M. Adamu Kabir, M. Sani Sambo Dantsugwai (Department of Biochemistry)
15. Application of Triple-Helix Model to Address the Issue of Unemployment Challenge in Niger State. Salihu Abdulwaheed, A. I. M. Nwoye and E. Tsado (Department of Business Administration)
16. An assessment of the nature and severity of soil degradation in Lapai area. Zuni Aminu, and R. O.Sallau-Asiribo (Department of Geography)
17. Evaluation of the pesticide levels in rural communities of Niger State and evaluation of the associated health risk. M. Achimugu Dickson, Agwuncha C. Stephen, Sallou R. Osesienemo (Department of Biochemisty)
18. The Lapai History Project c1500-196s AD. Dawood O.Egbefo,Idris S.Jimada,and Mohammed L. Salahu (Department of History &International Studies)
19. Feasibility study for design of 3 million litres per day capacity water treatment plant and pipe network for IBB University, Lapai.Yahaya Sayyadi Muhammad, Abdulkadir A. Sani, Ibrahim Isah Lakan (Department of Food Science)


Batch IV 2017

S/N Title of proposal Lead Researcher
1 Evaluation of the potentials of Grasshopper protein in Diets of Hybrid Catfish Dr. Kabir Mohammed Adamu
2 Diversifying Nigerian Economy Through Corporate Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Manufacturing Companies in North West Prof. (Mrs) Mary Ifeoma Nwoye
3 Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation: Assessment and Classification of Different Measures and Prices for shea Nuts and Butter in Niger State, Nigeria Balaraba Abubakar Sule
4 Production and Characteristic of biofuel from Citrullus Lanatus and Gossypium Hirsutums Seed Dr. Umar Musa Tanko
5 Wood Cellulose from Saw-Dust and Surface Chemical Functionalization for Enhanced Removal of Inorganic and in Nupe oral Literature Dr. Bello Yohanna Paiko
6 The Bio-Remediation and Bio-Extraction Ability of Hydrophyte for Low-tech and Low-Cost Pre-Treatment of Water and Waste water Dr. (Mrs) Naomi John Dadi-Mamud
7 Stimulated Bioremidiation of Soil Contaminated with Spent Engine Oil using Organic Waste Muhammad Ramatu Gogo
8 An Inquiry into the State of Language Education and Translation Studies in Niger State. (The Situation of English, French, Arabic and the Major languages of Niger State) Prof. Amos A. Ihenacho
9 Mathematical Model of HIV/AIDS on population Dynamics of Suleja geographical Enclave of Niger State Dr. Musa Bawa
10 Assessment of Nuclear Radiation, Effect Dose and the Health Implication of Gold Mining Activities at Kataeregi, Niger State of Nigeria Oladipupo Muyideen Dawodu
11 Use of Geological Methods and Mathematical Models to Appraise Effect of population Growth on groundwater System of Lapai Dr. Aliyu Yahaya Badeggi
12 The Ground Work of Nigerian Borgu History, Niger State , 1800-2010: A Background Approach for Nigeria in Search of National History Mr. Usman Yusuf Bako
13 Antibacterial Activities of ptericarpus Erinaceous Extracts on Escherichia Coli Isolated from Children Diarrheal Stool Under Five Years Muhammad Isah Legbo


Development of Gully Erosion Prediction Model in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System Technique Ishaku Bashir Yakubu
15 Impact of Deforestation on Agricultural Production and Farmer Socioeconomic Life: a Trend Analysis in Niger State Dr. Madu Ali Bwala
16 Water Quality Parameters and Aspect of the Fishery Diversity of Tagwai Reservoir, Minna, Niger State Nigeria Habiba Maikudi Mohammed
17 A Factoral Analysis of Nupe Gendered Stage performance: Toward a New Shift in Nupe oral Literature Dr. Muhammad Alkali
18 Curbing Media Report Motivated Crises: Critical verbal – Visual for Sustainable Peace in Nigeria Dr. Ebenzer Olusegun Ogungbe
19 Appraisal Coping Strategies on House Hold Food Security by female Farmers in Lapai Government Communities Under FADAMA III Project Dr. Mohammed Jiya Lakan
20 Bacteriological and physic-chemical Analysis of Lapai Water Supply Dr. Baba John
21 Quick grow-out of Hectoclaria Hybrid Using formulated Fish Feed from locally available Feed Stuff Mohammed Chado Isah
22 Investigating the impact of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM) on the Environment in Niger State, Nigeria Liman Hadiza Muhammad
23 Bedrock Factors of Ground Water  Availability and Supply in Niger State Dr. Ibrahim Samuel IBBI
24 Action Research to develop Multilingual Literary Curriculum Prof. Rosemary O. Igbo


S/N Research Title/Topic(s) Department of Lead Researcher Duration of Research Lead Researcher Other Researchers
1 Assessment of Sheanut Collection and Processing Methods for Cooperative Development in Niger State Agricultural Econs 10 Months Dr. Ndagi Idris Lawal, A. F

M. A. Paiko

M. Ojuola

2 Gender in the Production Marketing of Shea Butter Among the Nupe of Central Nigeria Area History and International Studies 24 Months Salahu Mohammed Lawal Ph.D. Musa, Mohammed Bawa

Yusuf Usman Bako

3 Checklist of Shea Tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) and Utilization in Selected Communities in Niger State, Nigeria Chemistry 7 Months Hauwa Larai Muhammad Dr. I. B. Usman

Prof. Dennis O. Balogu

Dr. (Mrs.) Naomi, J. DadiMamud

Dr. (Mrs.) Habiba Maikudi Mohammed

4 Cytogenetic and Biochemical Implication of Supplementing fishmeal with Shea Butter Waste Meal in the Diet of African Cat Fish Animal Production 11 Months Mal. Yusuf Mohammed Kudu Dr. (Mrs.) Naomi, J. DadiMamud

Dr. I. B. Usman

Mohammed Chado Isah

Musa Alhaji Isah

5 Proximate and Bio-phytochemical Properties of Shea Butter Cake for Biofuel production. Chemistry 12 Months Dr. Umar Musa Tanko Dr. Muhammad Aliyu Paiko

Mal. AbdulkarimAwwal Mohammed

6 Shea Information and Tracking System (SHITS) Computer Science 6 Months Abdullahi Abubakar Kawu Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi

Elijah Joseph

7 Market Access Technology for Shea Rural Women Computer Science 6 Months Aisha Awal Abdulahi Abubakar Kawau

Jamilu Mai-Pan Uku

8 “Furfural Synthesis from Shea  Nut Cake: Waste to Wealth Strategy” Chemistry 12 Months Mr. Azeh Yakubu Dr. Yohanna, Bello Paiko

Mr. A. Gimba

9 Nanocellulose Production Using Shea Nut Shells or Husk Chemistry 18 Months Dr. Agwuncha C. Stephen Dr. AbdulkarimAwwal Mohammed
10 Investigating the Impact of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM) on the Environment in Niger State Geography 11 Months Hadiza Muhammad Liman Prof. N. G. Obaje
11 Mapping of Wetland for Sustainable Dry Season Rice Farming Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State Geography 24 Months Mohammed Abdulkadir Hamzat Aliyu


12 A Factoral Analysis of Nupe Gendered Stage Performance: Towards a New Shift in Nupe Oral Literature. English 8-Months Muhammad Alkali Ph.D. Muhammad Shariff Ramadan
13 Cytogenic and Physiological implication of Substituting Fishmeal with beni Seed in the Diet of African Mud Catfish Biochemistry 12 Months Dr. Ndatsu Yakubu Isah Mohammed Chado

Amuzat Aliyu Olalekan

14 “Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Evaluation of Amino Acid-Modified Nanoclay Minerals for Clinical Application” Chemistry Dr. U. U. Elele Mr. Azeh Yakubu

Mr. A. Gimba

Mr. B. Ezekiel

15 Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Tools for Prevention and Prediction of Waterborne Epidemics: A Pilot Risk  Assessment of the Water Sources in Villages that Experienced Cholera Outbreak in Niger State, Nigeria. Microbiology 13 Months Dr. HussaininMajiya Dr. (Mrs.) Naomi, J. DadiMamud

Dr. Baba John

Mal. Ishaku Bashir Yakubu

16 Impact of Nigerian Hydro Electricity Dams (NIHED) on the Happiness of Host-Communities: An Evaluation of Property Score Matching Analysis Economics 8 Months Dr. Musa Salihu Ewugi Abu idris Ph.D.

Habiba Mohammed Umar

17 Cytogenetic and Physiological Implication of Supplementing Fish Meal with Blood Meal in the Diet of Hybrid Catfish Animal Production 7 Months Dr. Egbenewande, OlufemiOlubunmi Isah, Mohammed Chado

Mohammed Kudu Yusuf

Musa Alhaji Isah