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Mathematics Department

Philosophy, aims and objectives

  • To instill in students sense of enthusiasm for mathematics, appreciation of its application in all areas and to involve them in intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.
  • To provide students with broad and balanced foundation in mathematics knowledge and practical skills in statistics and computer science.
  • To develop in students the ability to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills to solve theoretical and practical problems in mathematics.
  • To develop in students, through mathematics a range of transferrable skill of value in mathematical related and non mathematical related employment.
  • To provide students with the ability to go for further studies in specialized areas in mathematics and inter disciplinary research that involve mathematics.
  • To generate in students an appreciation of the importance of mathematics in an industrial, economic, environmental and social concept. To provide students with abstract thinking, driven by ICT that can help to solve social and economic problem.

Entry requirement

In addition to the general requirements for admission into the University, candidates intending to study B.Sc. Mathematics must have fulfilled one of the conditions below;


  1.  A Candidate must have at least five (5) credits pass at O’Level, which must include English, Mathematics Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Agric.

  2.  A Candidate must have successfully completed Remedial course at IBB University in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition the candidate must satisfy JAMB requirements.

Dr. Aliyu Ma’ali Ishaq


List of Courses for B.Sc Mathematics (CCMAS)

List of Courses for B.Sc Mathematics (BMAS)