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IBBU Accommodation

Welcome to the comfortable and vibrant living spaces offered by Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University’s Accommodation Services. We understand the importance of a secure and conducive living environment, and our accommodation facilities are designed to provide students with a home away from home.

Accommodation Facilities

Our on-campus accommodation facilities offer a range of options to suit the diverse needs and preferences of our students:

  1. Hostel Amenities: Well-maintained hostels equipped with essential amenities for comfortable living.

  2. Security: 24/7 security surveillance to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

  3. Common Areas: Shared spaces for socializing, studying, and recreation, fostering a sense of community.

  4. Internet Connectivity: High-speed internet access to support academic and recreational needs.

  5. Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning and maintenance services to ensure a hygienic and pleasant living environment.

Eligibility For Accommodation

Accommodation at IBBU is available to students who meet certain eligibility criteria. The allocation process prioritizes:

  1. First-Year Students: Priority is given to first-year students to facilitate their transition to university life.

  2. International Students: Accommodation services are available for international students to enhance their experience at IBBU.

  3. Students with Special Needs: Special consideration is given to students with specific accommodation needs.

Application Process

To apply for accommodation, eligible students must follow the designated application process, which typically includes the following steps:

  1. Application Form: Complete the accommodation application form available on the university’s official website or through the accommodation office.

  2. Submission of Documents: Provide necessary documents such as student identification, admission letter, and any specific documentation required for special needs considerations.

  3. Payment of Fees: Fulfill any accommodation fees or deposits as outlined by the university.

  4. Confirmation: Receive confirmation of accommodation allocation from the university.

  5. Orientation: Attend accommodation orientation sessions to familiarize yourself with the rules, regulations, and facilities.

Living Guidelines

Residents are expected to adhere to the accommodation guidelines and rules designed to ensure a harmonious living environment. These guidelines typically cover aspects such as quiet hours, guest policies, and general conduct within the accommodation premises.

At IBBU, we are committed to providing a supportive and enriching living experience for our students. Our accommodation services aim to contribute positively to the overall well-being and academic success of every resident.

For specific details on eligibility criteria, application processes, and accommodation fees, please refer to the official university accommodation guidelines or contact the Accommodation Services Office.

We look forward to providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable living experience at IBBU!