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Academic Planning


The establishment of Academic Planning Unit (APU) in Nigeria Universities was based on the need to provide management structure that would guide orderly academic development of Universities in the performance of their statutory functions of teaching, research and community service.

The Academic Planning Unit of IBB University, Lapai, was established in 2007 to provide management structure for Strategic Planning process, to ensure internal coordination and quality control in all academic activities of the University.


The academic Planning Unit of IBB University is a division under the office of the Vice – Chancellor’s. It is headed by a Director who is responsible to the Office of the Vice – Chancellor on the day – to – day academic activities in the University. The Director takes directives from the Vice – Chancellor and reports directly to the Vice – Chancellor accordingly.

The Director is to advice and assists the Vice Chancellor on matters relating to academic development in areas of staffing, academic programmes and establishment of positions in various academic units (Faculties & Departments), academic appointments and on matters of quality assurance.


The Philosophy of APU in context of the vision and mission of the IBB University is: Ensuring efficient management process for academic development and quality assurance in IBB University.


The Academic Planning Unit is expected to pursue the following objectives;

  • Ensuring compliance by the Universities with NUC directives and policies on academic matters.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the Benchmark for Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS) for all programmes in the University.
  • Ensuring efficient internal coordination and control of academic activities and academic developments in the University.


The Academic Planning Unit is expected to carry out the following functions on behalf of the Vice – Chancellor.

External Functions

  • Serves as a link between the University and NUC on academic matter and to provide information from NUC to appropriate units of the University through the authority of the Vice – Chancellor.
  • Liaises with NUC on matters relating to academic planning and quality assurance, collation of data to NUC for national planning and accreditation of programmes.
  • Participation in University annual Review Meeting (USARM) and in other meeting that may be of interest and benefits to the University with Ministries, Organizations within and outside Nigeria.
  • Participation in University annual Review Meeting (USARM) and in other meeting that may be of interest and benefits to the University with Ministries, Organizations within and outside Nigeria.
  • Provides academic liaison with national and foreign universities, and other professional bodies on academic development programmes.
  •  Serves as a link between the university and the Niger State communities on academic matters.
Internal Functions

The internal general function of IBBUAPU is to provide data for academic planning purposes, the coordination of academic affairs i.e, programmes, teaching and learning, and to service academic committees. Specifically, the academic planning unit is expected to carry out the following functions:-

  • Establishment of authentic data base for effective planning in the determination of staffing and resource needs and utilization.
  • Maintaining quality assurance and quality control of teaching and learning through monitoring and evaluation of academic programmes implementation based on NUC guidelines.
  • Process proposals for creation of new departments, introduction of new programmes, review of courses and accreditation.
  • Coordinating the entire accreditation process and guide departments on continues quality implementation of NUC BMAS of all programmes.
  • Maintaining and periodically update staff and students statistic for use in academic planning and other management requirement.
  • Coordinating records and data on staff training and development locally and internationally.
  • Liaise with the University librarian in collating list / title of books and journals both e- and hard copies in the library.
  • Collating information on research activities of faculties and developments and research centres.
  • Liaise with MIS in maintaining computer – based examination results and other relevant statistical data for determining the pattern and trend of academic performance.
  • Liaise and work with relevant units that are charged with physical planning, TETFUND, Development and Strategic Planning, Relevant academic Boards e.g; IJMB / School of Preliminary Studies Board and Senate Committees; Research, Establishment of New Programmes, Quality Assurance, SIWES, Publication, Public / Inaugural Lectures / Conferences / Seminars, Admission and Examination, Staff / School etc with the view to collating, disseminating and utilization of relevant information from the different units for academic activities, planning and development purposes.
  • Participate in the preparation of University annual budget.
  • Coordination of training programmes for staff development.
  • Carry out any other function / roles assigned by the Vice Chancellor.

Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Bello