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A professor of Economics and Political History in the Department of History and International Studies, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Professor Salahu Mohammed Lawal has identified history as mirror of every developed society, for which the more you see the more you understand.

Professor Salahu Lawal made this known during the University’s Twenty Second Inaugural Lecture series, with the topic “History as Mirror of the Society: the more you look the more you see”, held in the University Auditorium, Lapai

He explained that pervasiveness of crisis, violence and instability in our society emanate from people who lacked knowledge of history or display negligence about history, and who don’t consider what should be of the society in the neatest future.

Professor Salahu Lawal further noted that absence of historical consciousness bred statesmen without a sense of history; statesmen who only think of what they could acquire at the moment irrespective of how it may be achieved without recourse to merit to serve as models for younger generations.

This, he said resulted to deep corruption in society which has gone beyond stealing public funds and subverting justice.

He noted further that those people forget individual and values that sustained the society since inception.

He then admonished that a nation without a sense of history and its core values suffer superficially with a deep of sense of continuity and perception of success.

He concluded his lectures that Nigeria has negligence of history by citizens with little knowledge of their history as individuals and as members of their immediate community, and the nation at large.

In his remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Abu Kasim Adamu, noted that the twenty second Inaugural Lecture topic came at a time of a lot of clarion call are being made on history as a subject of study to be brought back to educational curriculum once again.

He added that children of nowadays needed to know the history of yesterday, today and be able to foresee tomorrow for the unity growth and development of our nation.

Earlier, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Conferences and Seminars, Professor Victor Are Kolawole explained that the lecture underscored the importance of history as academic discipline, including it contributions to national development.

In a vote of thanks, the Registrar, Alhaji Idris Saleh Kusherki appreciated the Governor of Niger State, Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Council, Management and Senate of the University and all other people present at the event.

The Registrar of National Examinations Council (NECO), Professor Dantani Wushishi was among dignitaries that graced the occasion.